Whether addressing emergency situations, performing routine maintenance, or installation of new equipment , our customers rely on the expertise and diverse experience that GL Technologies LLC can provide.  Our experience performing cGMP compliant calibrations and maintenance has been relied upon by industry leaders in the medical device, biopharmaceutical and life science industries as well as local municipalities and military installations.   

We specialize in calibration and troubleshooting of Clean Utilities, Automated Process Equipment, Analytical Laboratory Equipment, HVAC controls, SCADA and Building Management Systems.

Our Metrology Lab and On-Site Service Capabilities Include:


Analytical Balances
Pan Balances
Floor Scales 
Load Cells 
• 1 mg to 40 kg

• Fluid Baths -80 to 300°C
• Dry Baths -30 to   400°C
• Liquid in Glass
• Digital
Environmental Chambers
• Incubators
• Freezers w/ Digital Displays
• Refrig. w/ Digital Displays
• Deli Box w/ Digital Displays
Chart Recorders

Temp Transmitters  

Pall Display

• 30 inHg to 300 psi
• 0 to 10,000 psi

Water For Injection (WFI)
Reverse Osmosis / De-Ionized Water (RO/DI)
Clean In Place System (CIP)
Building Environmental Monitoring Systems
Total Organic Compound Analyzers (TOC)


Depyrogenation Ovens
Glassware Washers

SMART Transmitters
Foundation FieldBus
Traditional I/O
InSitu Analyzers

Method Development

Whether the scope and application of your proposed method is standard, laboratory-based or non-standard, your organization will be required to develop operating procedures for its consistent execution.

GL Technologies can develop procedures that will allow you to generate data consistent with the scope and application of your chosen method. By establishing quality control procedures, your organization will have an appropriate process in place to generate reliable research data.

Uncertainty Analysis

Your laboratory's quality control procedures must be able to monitor the validity of tests and the calibration of your equipment. Only through recorded data with properly calibrated equipment can accurate trend analysis take place.

GL Technologies is your partner in providing quality calibration services. Proper calibration of your equipment keeps your project on track from research, to process development, through to manufacturing. 

Enterprise Asset Management

GL Technologies delivers premier asset management services that provide proven financial and time-management benefits. From laboratory equipment purchases through cataloging equipment for future use, our assistance with tracking your calibrated equipment will allow you to monitor your asset budget while developing or manufacturing your product.

GL Technologies  can asset tag laboratory and process equipment into a proprietary database and automate notifications when equipment certification or re-certification is due, allowing you to focus your time and energy on research and production.

Program and Procedure Development

Calibration & Maintenance Program Development is a critical component of any cGMP Research & Development, Clinical or Production facility.

GL Technologies provides expertise in documenting controlled process Standard Operating Procedures, allowing your organization to focus on its core competencies: research and development, clinical and production operations.

Our procedures and programs provide a detailed and compliant approach to ensure regulatory mandates are addressed upfront.

Personnel Placement 

On-site personnel reduce your organization's overall operating cost, increasing quality and productivity. Reduced “escort” time and increased familiarity with your organization's internal programs and policies have proven extremely valuable when headcount is not an option.

GL Technologies has successfully placed short- and long-term on-site personnel in large and small Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations. Our personnel provide services that meet the unique needs of our clients.

We firmly believe in employing staff with integrity and engaging our clients in a quality, no-nonsense manner. Our focus is keeping open lines of communication to ensure the continued efficiency of your organization.

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