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BioSafety Cabinet Maintenance California

Having the proper maintenance plan in place when it comes to research laboratories and facilities is critical. Its vital that the laboratory workers and surrounding equipment is protected fom pathogens and decontaminants, which is what a Biosafety Cabinet provides. A HEPA filter helps remove the harmful bacteria from all exhausted air exiting the biosafety cabinet. The GL-Tec team can inspect the biosafety cabinets being used in your research laboratories or facilities, and create a maintenance plan to the equipment up to industry standards such as NSF Annex 7. GL-Technologies has become a trusted provider of biosafety cabinet certifications and maintenance programs for organizations both large and small.

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Routine Maintenance Schedule and Repair

As any laboratory or medical research facility will agree, routine biosafety cabinet maintenance can prvent contamination. GL-Technologies supplies routin biosafety cabinet maintenance, repairs and filter changes for all biosafety manufacturing types. Our maintenance program can include:

Weekly, monthly, or yearly decontamination of surfaces
Bi-Annual Full Decontamination
Full Decontamination Between Operational Changes
Decontamination for Building or Facility Relocation
Filter Replacements
Safety Cabinet Repairs

biosafety cabinet maintenance california

The recommendation by NSF 49 iis that certification is done at a minimum, every 12 months. Of course, there are many organizations and laboratories that re-certify more frequently such as a pharmacy that re-certifies every 6 months as required by USP CHapter <797> on sterile compounding.

California BioSafety Cabinet Tests

jTo verify biosafety cabinets are working properly, there are a variety of tests GL-Technologies will perform. The results need to correlate to the value obtained by NSF for type testing of that particular manufacturer make, model, and size.

The values will be provided by the manufacturer:

Downflow velocity test
Inflow velocity test
Airflow smoke pattern tests
HEPA filter leak test
Cabinet integrity test
Alarm function verification
Blower interlock
Exhaust system performance (for any cabinet connected to the building exhaust system)

Our team understands the role biosafety cabinets play in laboratory, research, and pharmaceutical facilities in keeping contamination in check. Companies both large and small rely on GL-Technologies for certification, maintenance and repair needs!

To speak with the experts about your biosafety cabinet needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!


california biosafety cabinet maintenance


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