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California Cleanroom Laboratory Cleaning Services

Sterile Environment Technologies specializes in cleanroom cleaning, decontamination and certification of all classes of cleanroom, including:

california cleanroom services

GL Technologies Provides:

Our teams are trained to clean according to industry standard protocols including ISO 14644, FDA 503, IEST RP, and more. Let us apply our experience and provide you with a detailed plan for reducing your cleanroom contaminants and optimizing your facilities’ productivity.

In-depth analyses and scientific testing of your facilities;
Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines;
Custom-formulated antistatic chemicals;
Cleanroom certified equipment;
Emergency, on-call services at all times.

Even with modern technology and stringent procedures to control particulate contamination, you are still only controlling a portion of cleanroom dangers.

Particulates are deposited directly onto surfaces such as floors, walls, work surfaces, and machinery. They may not affect products at the time they are deposited, but over time they pose an increasing threat to your products by causing physical disturbance and eventual breakdown.

To reduce a Clean Room’s risks it is imperative that an effective cleaning program be implemented and maintained consistently throughout the life of the cleanroom.

Cross contamination is the most significant cause of downtime and loss of yield within a cleanroom environment. Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Centers and Testing Facilities all require different operation methods and designs; Sterile Environment Technologies can custom fit a plan for cleaning and maintenance that will compliment your company’s work flow.

Our stringent testing procedures and highly trained personnel are key components in eliminating all possible threats to your cleanroom yield.