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California Cleanroom Laboratory Consulting Services

GL Technologies specializes in controlled environments with decades of experience in both cleanrooms and data centers and we have a network of technical, lab, and scientific experts on hand to evaluate, analyze and resolve complex problems.

Clearly Defined Issues
Outline of all Testing Methods and Instruments
Disclosure of All Findings from Testing Procedures
Integrated Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices
Comprehensive Conclusions
Unbiased Recommendations for Action

GL Technologies has helped some of the world’s largest organizations solve unique issues in data centers, labs and cleanrooms. Whether your environment is small or large – GL Tec can provide the answers you need.

Independent Labs Clearoom Consulting

Our labs and partner testing firms are used as third party qualifiers – so your testing results are qualified from more than just one group. Our state of the art labs, microscopy and validation will give you piece of mind on every Consultation job. Our labs have been providing power quality expertise for data centers around the world for over 30 years. Our staff, partners, labs and affiliates use a careful, pragmatic approach to investigate, gather data, analyze and resolve the most complex power quality problems.

Unbiased Problem Solving

GL Technologies consultants are trained to look for problems and solutions knowing that every data center is unique. We firmly believe that a consultant must maintain strict independence from manufactures to remain unbiased professional consultants. Your solution should not have any red tape. All of our findings and recommendations are to be substantiated and never self-serving.

Easy Communication

Instant Networking with the Experts You Need

GL Technologies utilizes the latest communication methods. In addition to our on-site consulting staff – our communication network is setup with ability to have video calls in our boardroom and in our training centers – allowing us to work with your issues even faster with online video capabilities. Now you can show us your issues, questions or equipment circumstances instantly using mobile video conferencing and get help when you need it.