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Chart Recorder Calibration Services

Charter Recorder Calibration for Biopharmaceutical Industry: Ensuring Accurate Data Collection

Having precise measurements, exact recordings, and accurate data are extremely important in the biopharmaceutical research laboratory industries. They provide the ability to make sure the product quality is maintained and your organization remains compliant with industry regulations. An important part of overall data collection is the chart records (AKA charter recorder), and keeping it calibrated properly guarantees the accuracy of measurements obtain from these Instruments / equipment. GL Technologies has become one of the premier equipment calibration and certification providers for bipoharmaceutical laboratories throughout California. With a team of experts, we understand the importance of maintaining accurate results and keeping your equipment calibrated correctly, chart recorders included.

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What is the Chart Recorder?

Chart recorders, also referred to as "charter recorders" are a very common piece of equipment used in the biopharmaceutical industry to monitor & record various process parameters including: temperature, pressure, humidity, and pH levels. They provide a visual representation of data over the course of time, in turn providing easy analysis and troubleshooting. The recorded charts can serve several purposes including monitoring quality control, validation, troubleshooting, and meeting regulatory compliance. The chart recorder provides a physical record of the process or experience which is used for documentation, audits, and references.

Chart Recorder Instrument Calibration

The Calibration Process

In it's simplest form, chart recorder calibration involves comparing the measurements obtained from the instrument against a reference standard with a "known level of accuracy". The process GL Technologies implements will have the following steps:

Establish a Calibration Schedule

For chart recorders, manufacturers of these instruments provide guidelines on the recommended calibration intervals. Maintaining compliance with these intervals is important for maintaining the accuracy of your measurements.

Select Calibration Standards

Calibration standards are instruments with a "known level of accuracy". They should be traceable to national (or international) standards for reliability.

Performing Calibration

During the calibration process, the chart recorder is subjected to a series of test points which covers the full range of the instrument's measurements. The readings from this are compared to the known values of the calibration standards.

Adjust and Document

If issues or discrepancies are identified, GL Technologies will make adjustments to bring the chart recorder's readings in line with the calibration standards. The process should be thoroughly documented including: test points, results, adjustments that were made, and any other relevant information.

Benefits of Chart Recorders for BioPharmaceuticals


Accuracy & Reliability: Provides accurate and reliable measurements, allowing for informed decisions about process optimization, product quality, and regulatory compliance.

Compliance: Maintaining regulatory compliance with government organizations such as the FDA for example, biopharmaceutical organizations must adhere to strict quality standards. With regular calibrations this demonstrates your commitment to data integrity.

Product Quality:Small deviations in critical processes parameters can impact product quality. Chart recorders that are calibrated properly help to identify and fix any deviations, keeping consistent product quality and minimizing failures.

Cost Savings: Calibration of all laboratory equipment prevents costly errors, product recalls, and penalties from regulatory agenices. Biopharmaceutical organizations understand investing in calibration services can prevent unnecessary expenses that come with product failures and potential regulatory fines.

GL Technologies has a team of experts in instrument and equipment calibration services for organizations both large and small in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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