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Cleanroom Certification Near Me

When it comes to having a trusted and proven cleaning partner, GL Technologies has become the premier vendor for providing efficient cleanroom operations with minimal downtime! GL Technologies is a widely recognized specialist in this category of cleanroom decontamination services including testing and serving laboratories / manufacturers / scientific facilties.  

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Every staff member at GL Technologies is trained to the highest quality standards and latest developments in clearoom testing procedures and compliance testing.  Our experts excel at providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and clean environment for critical data studies.  The team at GL Technologies can help you enhance productivity while lowering your exposure to protect your employees and testing programs.  


No matter if its tech gadgets or life-saving medications, organizations are VERY aware that contaminants can compromise data and product quality.  This can also bring production to a full stop.  GL Technologies is a trusted vendor for providing cleaning and cleanroom services for class 1-100,000 scientific & manufacturing organizations and facilities.  We can prevent any potential threats in the environment to produce full product yield, always making sure you remain FDA and ISO compliant.  

Cleanroom services goes beyond just removing debris from the surface to performing decontamination.  We will work hard to quantify, remove, and sterilize particles such as spores and bacteria to ensure a fully compliant cleanroom to ensure accurate data studies and analysis.  Our experienced team of technicians can help your organization eliminate any threats before disruption is caused to the operation.  

Testing and Certifications

As organizations know, the facilities must maintain regulatory compliance for critical environments.  Not only will it build customer confidence, but also produce product consistency.  The cleanroom testsing certifications that GL Technologies provides will allow you to meet the regulatory standards while keeping the facilities work flow consistent.  

When it comes to experienced technicians, our team of qualified personnel are trained and experienced in conducing on-site performance and testing, making 100% sure that the production facility is maintaining all operational standards.  All services are in accordance in ensuring compliance with ISO 14644 requirements.   


If your organization's facilities are experiencing contamination or cleanroom design issues, GL Technologies can provide the expertise needed to get everything in order.  For over 20 years we have provided the industries top experts to solve complex problems you may be experiencing.

Once the cleanroom consulting services are complete, GL Technologies will provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations for future performance.  

Cleanroom Articles

The Role of Cleanroom Certification in Biopharma: An Overview

For biopharmaceutical companies, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility is non-negotiable. The manufacturing processes involved in producing pharmaceuticals, especially in biopharma, demand perfect conditions to guarantee product quality, safety, and potency. One aspect that plays an important role in maintaining these standards is cleanroom certification. Let's dive into the significance of cleanroom certification within the biopharmaceutical industry, outlining its role and implications.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Certification

In the world of pharmaceuticals, maintaining the safety, potency, and quality of medications is of the utmost importance. This assurance begins at the heart of drug production facilities: the cleanroom. These specialized environments play an important role in maintaining sterile conditions necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturing. To meet strict regulatory requirements and industry standards, cleanrooms must undergo rigorous certification processes. Understanding the essentials of pharmaceutical cleanroom certification is imperative for pharmaceutical companies to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality.

About GL Technologies

GL Technologies (formally Calibration Consultants) is a full service calibration provider specializing in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Our management has worked in, managed, and developed FDA cGMP fully compliant programs. Our services include roving crews for the biopharmaceuticals for regular scheduled calibrations or shutdown and new system situations. GL Technologies also places qualified individuals on various large and small Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. The services we provide include general Calibration/ Metrology support, asset and CMMS management, compliant program development, SOP development, and maintenance/ facilities support. 

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