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Decontamination for Laboratory Biosafety

Having the right decontamination processes in place is crucial for a biotech or pharmaceutical company doing drug and medical testing procedures. The accumulation of microbial contamination in a laboratory can lead to the transmission of disease. This classification can be qualified as sterilization or disinfection.

decontamination laboratory servicesThe goal of disinfection is to eliminate pathogens and microorganism (apart from bacterial spores on lab surfaces). But sterilization the primary goal is to eliminate all microbial life. Companies use different methods to sterilization including heat, chemicals, or radiation. Each method has its advantages and cautionary measures, these are often in place to prevent any hazards.

We will access your contamination issue for the specific space or device and propose the optimal solution, be it a surface decontamination, fog decontamination or gas decontamination method, and the optimal decontamination agent. GL Technologies will also make recommendations for avoiding future occurrences of the present issue.

Full interactive analysis of space prior to decontamination to ensure that the process is

Complete, and

Decontaminated items may be removed for disposal and/or future reuse, due to space or laboratory demolition or renovations. Fogging, as performed by DRS, is typically performed using solutions that contain active ingredients either a peracetic acid/hydrogen peroxide mixture (such as Spor-Klenz or Actril) or chlorine dioxide (such as Clidox).

The fogging is performed with B&G ULV fogging equipment, which quickly disperses chemicals at varying aerosol droplet sizes, and gives a high standard of coverage. The chemical will be delivered (line of sight) by the direct use of hand-held foggers or pneumatic pump sprayers.

Choose from a variety of chemical treatments:

Sodium Hypochlorite (pH neutralized or basic)
Peracetic Acid with Hydrogen Peroxide
Chlorine Dioxide (aqueous)
Detergents and alcohols

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