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Deli Box Digital Displays Biopharmaceutical

The field of biopharmaceuticals has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, with innovative solutions emerging to address various challenges in the industry. One such breakthrough is the integration of digital technology into packaging systems. GL Technologies has helped calibrate, implement, and certifiy deli box refrigerator systems that are implemented in both large and small biopharmaceutical laboratories throughout California.

Benefits of Deli Box Equipment with Digital Displays

Medication Safety

The "digital display" technology on the deli box storage systems brings a new level of safety to the biopharmaceutical and medical related laboratories.  In the past, packaging, relied on labels and external documentation to conveny vital information about medications (dosage instruction, expiration dates, storage conditions, etc).  As with many research studies, human errors can lead to damage to vital information.  With the digital display now integrated into the deli box, This risk is minimized significantly.  

Improved Product Compliance

Non-compliance with federal regulatory agencies can have serious consequences for biopharmaceutical laboratories.  The deli box digital display focuses on this problem by incorporating reminders and alerts to researchers and key personnel.  It also keeps track of the stored temperatures in logs to show maintain regulatory compliance and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) in place.

Intelligent Monitoring

Of course the storage of conditions need to be perfect to maintain the stability of biopharmaceuticals.  Incorporating "intelligent monitoring capabilities" to make sure the medications and other products are stored within the required temperature & humidity ranges.   There are built-in sensors to continuously monitor the environment and display real-time data, giving researchers and personnel the ability to track and verify storage conditions throughout the supply chain, which in turn, minimizes the risk of damaging medication or product quality.

The GL Technologies team has extensive experience in equipment temperature calibration and certification services for the biopharmaceutical industry.  If you are looking for a deli box with digital display and need help incorporating it and training staff in to processes, we are here to help!

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