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How to Double Productivity in a Calibration Laboratory

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Article By: Marty Kidd

Biopharmaceutical and medical related laboratories doing research require equipment calibrations so the accuracy and reliability of the results not only show a safe product, but meet the required guidelines set for by the FDA. Even the slightest deviation in the equipment can cause issues to the samples and testing results. These inustries already understand this but increasing laboratory productivity is a different story and often turn to software to research how to increase the productivity in the lab.

Calibration Management Software

One of almost every laboratory’s performance metrics is tracking calibration throughput–how many assets can each individual calibrate throughout the day. The more assets properly calibrated during the workday, the more work a calibration lab can take on without needing to hire more individuals. By adding automation to your calibration laboratory with software, you’ll be able to see a notable increase in calibration throughput–up to 200%.

Adding Automation to a Lab Can Improve Productivity Up to 200%

The systems calibration labs used in the past to keep work moving were hard to manage and very time consuming. For example; using a card on a board to document what step in the process an asset was in, as well as who on the team was working on this asset. While it was the simplest process at the time, there are many ways this process could go wrong. Implementing calibration management software to automate the process can help eliminate errors, help the team work faster, cut down on setup time, and require less training to maintain the workflow.

Eliminate Calibration Errors

Adding calibration management software to your workflow automates many processes to eliminate errors throughout your workflow. The metrology software can house calibration standards, so every technician uses the same numbers and standards across the board. Throughout the calibration process, calibration automation software will also track where a unit is in the process–both inside and outside of your lab. This includes knowing when a unit has shipped or what desk in the lab it is sitting on. The software can ensure everyone within the lab, or even your customers, know what has been done, and is actively being calibrated.

Cutting down on the number of manual touchpoints during the calibration process with calibration asset management software like MET/TEAM® Test Equipment Asset Management Software helps to eliminate many errors leading to less time spent double checking or reworking assets that have already been completed.

Multiple Calibrations Running Simultaneously

Using automated software, a technician can work on more than one unit at the same time. Automated calibration software, like MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software, can pull the right numbers for you based on the asset so it becomes an easier process to get a unit running through the necessary steps meaning a technician can be simultaneously running multiple assets at the same time.

Less Calibration Setup Time

Setting up assets, including finding the right information in your database, or knowing the historical calibration data for the specific asset, can take a lot of time. Having all of this information stored in calibration management software can help speed the process along. Instead of having to track each item down, everything is housed in one location where technicians go to find everything.

Calibration Training Simplified

With all of the information needed to get a process going, Fluke’s Calibration Software suite can push the calibration process off quicker. MET/SUPPORT Gold, through Cubyt, houses validated procedures for thousands of assets. These procedures have already been signed off by metrologists or metrology techs so you can be sure you’re using correct information.

Your lab no longer needs to rely on the in-house metrologist to create every calibration process, which often created a bottleneck for a larger laboratory. MET/SUPPORT can help bolster the information you have to flow through the process quickly and confidently.

Getting Started

Setting up calibration automation software can be a bit daunting; that’s where Fluke Calibration can help. We work with you to set up and install the exact system you need with MET/CAL installation and training. The whole process becomes a lot simpler when you have an expert helping you every step of the way.

Once you have the software set up and working, your calibration laboratory can begin seeing the increases in productivity with less stress on your team while still doubling throughput.

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