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Laboratory Decommissioning Company

We are proud to have the highest quality staff around with some of the top consultants in the biotech, medical and pharmaceutical industries to provide laboratory decommissioning services. We can help from initial licensing to the closure of your facility. We have worked with organizations and projects of all sizes helping with specific safety and operational plans. Our team will handle the details and decontamination possibilities to avoid any safety liabilities.  Once a facility is decommissioned it is important to not leave any potential liabilities behind. The GL Tec team provides decommissioning and release services for all types of industries.  Before decommissioning an operational plan will be put in place as well as a safety and site health plan for the project scope. Once completed, GL Technologies will provide validation documentation.

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Decommissioning and Remediation

GL Technologies designed are array of services to meet the specific needs of organizations that use hazardous waste materials. This entails a need for a comprehensive service from initial licensing to facility closure.

If your organization is planning on moving from 1 facility to another, the GL Tec team can safely store and move hazardous materials for the business, all while maintaining industry compliance.

If you are planning on moving your facility, whether you are in the medical, biotech or pharmaceutical industry, we will assure that your materials and equipment are moved safely so you can get operations up and running as quickly as possible. We work hard to minimize downtime.

Services Offered by GL-Tec

GL Technologies offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Here are some common services we provide:

Site Assessment and Planning

GL Technologies specializes in the phase of site assessment and planning when it comes to the safe and efficient closure of research and testing facilities. Our team of experts meticulously evaluate the laboratory environment, identifying hazardous materials, equipment, and infrastructure that need to be deactivated, removed, or properly disposed of in compliance with regulatory standards. Through comprehensive site assessments, we develop customized decommissioning strategies, maintaining minimal environmental impact and maximum safety for personnel. Our planning phase includes logistics, budgeting, and project timelines, creating a roadmap for the systematic dismantling and cleanup of the laboratory space, leaving a site ready for repurposing or redevelopment while safeguarding the surrounding environment.

Equipment Decontamination and Removal

With a team of highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, GL Technologies excels in equipment decontamination and removal, making sure that all hazardous materials are handled and disposed of in strict compliance with regulatory standards. Our approach guarantees the complete elimination of potentially harmful substances, safeguarding both the environment and the well-being of laboratory personnel. Whether you're closing a research facility, upgrading equipment, or relocating, trust us to streamline the decommissioning process, leaving you with a clean, safe, and ready-to-use space for your future endeavors.

Waste Management

We offer comprehensive solutions for the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of laboratory equipment, chemicals, and hazardous materials. With a team of experts well-versed in regulatory compliance and best practices, we make sure that laboratories and research facilities can efficiently decommission their operations while minimizing the impact on the environment and human health. Our services include the removal, packaging, transportation, and disposal of all types of waste generated in scientific settings, providing peace of mind to organizations looking to close or relocate their operations while adhering to stringent waste disposal regulations.

Documentation and Compliance

Our team specializes in the systematic process of dismantling and decontaminating laboratory facilities, meeting strict adherence to regulatory standards and documentation protocols. With a focus on safety and environmental responsibility, we employ trained experts who meticulously catalog and dispose of hazardous materials, chemicals, and equipment in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Our documentation practices provide a transparent record of the entire decommissioning process, from initial assessment to final clearance, giving clients the peace of mind that their laboratory closure is executed with precision, compliance, and a commitment to safeguarding the environment and public health.

Facility Restoration

With a dedicated team of experts, we dismantle, remove, and dispose of hazardous materials, equipment, and waste streams while adhering to strict regulatory standards. Our primary goal is to transform once-operational labs into clean, safe spaces by decontaminating surfaces, addressing structural concerns, and restoring the facility to its original state. Through planning, skilled execution, and a commitment to sustainability, a GL Technologies Company plays an important role in the responsible management of scientific infrastructure, safeguarding both the environment and public health.

About GL Technologies

GL Technologies (formally Calibration Consultants) is a full service calibration provider specializing in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Our management has worked in, managed, and developed FDA cGMP fully compliant programs. Our services include roving crews for the Biopharmaceuticals for regular scheduled calibrations or shutdown and new system situations. GL Technologies also places qualified individuals on various large and small Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. The services we provide include general Calibration/ Metrology support, asset and CMMS management, compliant program development, SOP development, and maintenance/ facilities support.

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