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Los Angeles Clean Air Device Certification

Biopharmaceutical and medical related research laboratories throughout Los Angeles rely on the team at GL Technologies to provide testing and certification of their clean air devices.  We provide on-site services help our clients' facilities meet the requirements of IEST-RP-CC002 and the manufacturers specs.  Our certification services will help your orgnaizaiton meet strict regulation requirements and maintain product quality.Organizations both large and small in a wide variety of research laboratories rely on GL Technologies for not only clean air device certification, but biosafety cabinet certifications, fume hood, and much more!

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los angeles clean air device certification

Los Angeles Clean Air Device Testing

(Depending on the type of device)

Inflow Velocity

Inflow velocity testing provides valuable information about how air filtration systems are performing.  By quantifying the speed when air enters the device, the technicians at GL Technologies will be able to test the device's ability to capture and remove airbone contaminants.  This testing procedure involves specialized instruments that will measure the rate at which air flows in to the device, usually expressed in cubic feet per minute (or meters per second).  With the measurements being taken, we will be abel to have a full evaluation of the airflow performance for your laboratory or facility.

Air Changes

When testing for air changes, this refers to the number of times the air in a given space is repalce with fresh air per hour.  The metric helps to evaluate how the clean air device works for removing polluntants while keeping a healthy indoor environment.  Researchers and laboratory workers can then assess the performance of clean air technologies that include air purifiers and ventilation systems.  With testing and evaluation, GL Technologies will help to implement clean air solutions for both workers and the overall organization.

Filter Integrity (Leak Scan) Testing

Filter integrity testing, also known as leak scanning, is important for clean air devices.  The testing involves the evaluation of air flitration systems ability to prevent leaks and keep the air contaminated.  When GL Technologies tests the clean air devices we will conduct leak scans, which will identify any leaks or issues with the filtration system, of course, which would compromise the ability of the device to remove contaminants and maintain clean air in the facility.  Our taem will be able to detect and fix any flaws in the filter integrity, which will will make sure your equipment is reliable.  

Non-Viable Airborne Particle Concentration

Non-viable particle testing is refers to the # of particles supsended in the air that are not capable of reproducing (dust, smoke for examples).  The GL Technologies team will evaluate the non-viable airoborne particle concentration  to determine if it allows the device to eb effective.   This will reduce harmful particles and keep clean standars in the laboratory.  With the right measuring and analysis, researchers will have reliability the air devices are performing as needed and promoto a healthy environment in the laboratory or facility.

GL Technologies and Certification

With over 40 years experience working in the biopharmaceutical environment helping companies to maintain compliance and provide certification, our team is ready to perform on-site services for all your organizations needs. 

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