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Mass Spectrometry Analytical Balances Services

Mass spectrometry analytical balance play a very important role in the field of analytical chemistry used in biopharmaceutical and medical related laboratories. Analytical balance provide accurate and precise measurements of sample masses. The team at GL Technologies understands how important analytical balances are for scientific research and analysis. We provide certification and validation services for analytical balances for laboratories throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Our team has worked hard to provide a full-service solution for our clients providing a variety of services and certifications for research facilities.

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What are Mass Spectrometry Analytical Balances?

Mass spectrometry analytics balances are used to weight small amounts of samples with precision and accuracy. Designed to work in tandem with mass spectrometry equipment, which is used to analyze the chemical composition of samples. The results from a mass spectrometry analysis are dependent on the accuracy and precision of the analytical balance that is used to weight samples.

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GL-Tec and Mass Spectrometry Analytical Balances

Biopharmaceutical and medical related laboratories rely on the team at GL Technologies to make sure the equipment is providing reliable and accurate mass spectrometry analytical balances. We offer a variety of mass spectrometry services for our clients. With a proven track record of providing analytical balance calibrations and certification, GL-Tec will make sure your equipment remains in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Using high-quality equipment and certified weights, the GL-Tec technicians follow strict procedure so that each balance is tested thoroughly, identifying any issues and addressing them quickly. We also provide certification reports that will detail the results of the testing which includes any issues htat were identifed and corrected.

Analytical Balances Certification

When working with GL Technologies for your analytical balances certification and validation, there are a variety of benefits including:

Accuracy: When it comes to analytical balances certification, GL-Tec makes sure the instrument is accurately measuring the weight of the substance you are testing. Our team will calibrate the balance so readings are reliable.

Quality Control: Regular certification maintains quality control of the analytical balances in your laboratory. Our team will work to make sure the instrument is functioning properly and keeps consistent results for quality control applications.

Compliance: Regulatory compliance is always critical with biopharmaceutical research, GL Tec will keep your organization compliant with regulation standards and you will be able to use the certified balances as proof you are using reliable requipment and following the correct procedures.

Cost-effective: We can help you save money over time with the right maintenance and certification program helping your research to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Experimental Results: The accuracy of the testing and experimental results will depend on the accuracy of your measurements. This in turn reflects on the accuracy of your analytical balances, our certification program provides you with the required testing that the analytical balance is performing within acceptable limits.

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