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San Diego Agilent HPLC Calibration Services

As San Diego's expert provider of Agilent HPLC calibration and certification services, GL Technologies creates a customized performance protocl specifically for your instrument/s. Our team provides testing with NIST traceable test equipment to ensure scientific accuracy. Once our testing is complete, we will outline the performance characteristics of the instruments that were calibrated. This will in turn provide important information about the instrument operation and meet compliance requirements with the outside regulatory agencies, and in-house QA programs.

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san diego agilent hplc calibration

In the world of analytical chemistry, precision and reliability are paramount. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a critical tool used by researchers, scientists, and laboratories to separate, identify, and quantify chemical compounds.  Agilent HPLC systems are commonly used in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries throughout San Diego.  The team at GL Technologies has become one of the premier HPLC calibration and certification providers throughout the region, with extensive experience in Agilent HPLCs.

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Agilent: A Trusted Name in Analytical Instruments

Agilent Technologies is a renowned name in the field of analytical instruments. With a history spanning over 80 years, Agilent has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions that empower laboratories and researchers worldwide. Their HPLC systems are no exception, known for their precision, sensitivity, and robust performance.

The Role of Calibration

Calibration is the process of fine-tuning and adjusting an HPLC system to validate that it operates accurately and consistently. When it comes to Agilent HPLC calibration, it involves aligning various components, including pumps, detectors, columns, and software, to guarantee reliable and reproducible results. Here's why calibration is essential:


Accuracy in HPLC calibration involves the adjustment and verification of instrument parameters including flow rates, detector sensitivity, and column performance to make sure that the system accurately quantifies and separates target compounds. The calibration process GL Technologies implements not only improves the precision of analytical measurements but also allows for the identification of and quantification of analytes within a sample with a high degree of confidence. Accurate HPLC calibration is vital for a range of applications, including biopharma analysis and drug safety testing where reliable data is fundamental for making informed decisions and maintaining product quality and safety.


Precision, in relation of HPLC calibration, refers to the ability of the chromatographic system to consistently reproduce measurements under identical conditions. Achieving precision involves the calibration of instrument parameters. It necessitates the use of high-quality standards and meticulous sample preparation to minimize variability. By calibrating for precision, laboratories can greatly improve the reliability of their HPLC analysis, leading to accurate and consistent results in a wide range of applications in the biopharmaceutical and related industries.


Compliance with calibration protocols is important for organizations to meet strict quality control and regulatory standards, even more so in the biopharmaceutical industries. Calibration involves fine-tuning and validating various parameters, including flow rates, detector sensitivity, and column performance to guarantee reproducible results. By sticking to calibration procedures, laboratories can maintain the integrity of their analytical data and uphold the highest standards of precision. This in turn verifies the trustworthiness of analytical results and reinforcing the importance of HPLC calibration in scientific research.

Cost Savings

Beyond its fundamental role in maintaining data integrity, HPLC calibration also holds the potential for substantial cost savings. A well-calibrated HPLC system reduces the need for repeated analyses, minimizes wasted resources, and lowers the risk of costly errors. By optimizing instrument performance, calibration improves productivity, allowing laboratories to process more samples efficiently. Investing in HPLC calibration not only upholds the highest standards of analytical precision but also contributes to long-term cost reductions.

GL-Tec HPLC Calibration Services

GL Technologies offers comprehensive calibration services tailored to our clients Agilent HPLC systems. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect when you choose GL-Tec for your calibration needs:

Experienced Technicians

GL Technologies boasts a team of highly experienced technicians dedicated to the precision and reliability of our clients’ HPLC instruments. With an extensive understanding of the critical role that accurate calibrations play in scientific research and analytical analysis; the GL technicians use our extensive knowledge and expertise to calibrate your HPLC systems to industry leading standards. We are committed to providing our clients with the confidence that their analytical equipment will consistently produce accurate and reproducible results, leading to the advancement of their scientific endeavors.


Our team understands that accuracy is paramount in chromatography, and we take every measure to make sure that our calibration services meet the highest standards. Our calibration processes are meticulously documented and traceable to internationally recognized standards, guaranteeing the validity and consistency of your HPLC results. With a focus on traceability, we provide our clients with the confidence they need in their analytical instruments, supporting their research and quality control endeavors.

Preventative Maintenance

The dedicated team of experts at GL Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality calibration and maintenance services to keep your HPLC instruments operating at peak performance. Through attention to detail, regular inspections, and precision adjustments, we not only help our clients meet regulatory compliance but also extend the lifespan of their HPLC equipment, reducing downtime and costly repairs. Trust GL Tec to protect the integrity of your analytical results and maintain the efficiency of your HPLC systems.


We recognize that accurate documentation is the cornerstone of reliable calibration processes, which is why we employ a team of skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining comprehensive records of all calibration procedures. From instrument specifications and calibration standards to validation reports and traceability records, our documentation is designed to meet the strictest regulatory requirements. Our commitment to transparency and accountability extends to our clients, who can trust that our documented results reflect the highest standards of quality in the industry. With our unwavering focus on documentation, we provide peace of mind to laboratories and businesses relying on precise HPLC instrumentation.

About GL Technologies

GL Technologies (formally Calibration Consultants) is a full service calibration provider specializing in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Our management has worked in, managed, and developed FDA cGMP fully compliant programs. Our services include roving crews for the Biopharmaceuticals for regular scheduled calibrations or shutdown and new system situations. GL Technologies also places qualified individuals on various large and small Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. The services we provide include general Calibration/ Metrology support, asset and CMMS management, compliant program development, SOP development, and maintenance/ facilities support.

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