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San Francisco High Performance Liquid Chromatography Services

High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is commonly used in the biotech and pharmaceutical laboratories throughout the San Francisco region. GL Technologies has become one of California's trusted specialists when high performance liquid chromatography maintenance and repairs are needed. With a team of experts that have industry experience with HPLC, the righ questions will be asked to get lab managers into the right HPLC maintenance program. Using a stainless steel column along with a liquid phase to separate components out of a mixture. The HPLC process has grown tremendously over the past few years to iincrease lab productivity. If you are in need of a quality team of consultants for HPLC repairs or help implementing an HPLC maintenance program, we are ready to help!

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography Specialists

When you work with the team at GL-Tec, you will get the attention your organization needs and not pushed to the back of the line. There are a few components that are HPLC maintenance contractors cover including:

Parts and Labor

When your organization has deemed your HPLC instrument/s as a vital piece to your laboratories operations, GL-Tec suggest a contract that includes parts and labor. We always emphasize how important preventative maintenance is for HPLC instruments, but many laboratory and facility managers tend to plan for their entire annual repair and maintenance budgets. The organizations that work with GL-Tec rarely have any surprise costs throughout the year (including downtime).

Preventative Maintenance

The key to longevity for your high-performance liquid chromatography instrument is preventative maintenance. With regularly schedule maintenance, deeper issues can be found that have the potential to cause productivity issues and downtime. We understand that a preventative maintenance contract can take your instrument out of use for a day or 2, which is why we provide flexibility for our clients. If a prevenative maintenance plan needs to be rescheduled, no problem there. We will schedule everything when its convenient for your facility.

HPLC Qualification Services

All of our preventative maintenance plans are customized to your needs. GL-Tec provides HPLC qualificaiton or performance verification services with compliant documentation to meet the regulatory requirements. The GL-Tec qualification specialists are ready to execute protocols for IQ/OQ/PQ Custom protocols that are all tailored to your specifications.

As many facilities, organizations and laboratories currently do, you can rely on the team at GL-Tec to provide cost-effective services for HPLC, maintenance, calibration and performance verifications.

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