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The biopharma and medical research industries in San Francisco are the most regulated industries in the world, and for good reason. The products they produce have a direct impact on people's health and wellbeing, which is why they are subject to strict regulations and quality standards. One of the key components of these quality standards is metrology operational quality (OQ). GL Technologies has grown to become one of the regions premier providers of metrology operational quality services helping organizations to maintain compliance with industry regulations and ensure the efficacy and results of the research performed is accurate and reliable.

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The Importance of Metrology Operational Quality

Metrology operational quality refers to the ability to measure accurately and precisely in a consistent and repeatable manner. In the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, metrology plays a critical role in ensuring that products meet the required specifications and quality standards. It is also an essential component of the manufacturing process, as accurate measurements are necessary for the production of safe and effective products.

GL Technologies undestands the importance of metrology operational quality in these industries, which is why have highly trained personnel with extreme knowledge of metrology requirements and capabilities. We will work closely with your employees to make sure all measurements are accurate and consistent, which in turn, meets the required product specifications.

Metrology Techniques and Capabilities

There are a variety of techniques we utilize for metrology operational quality including: calibration, verification, and validation.

Calibration: The process of comparing a measurement device to a known standard making sure it is measuring accurately.

Verification: Checking that the equipment is performing as expected.

Validation: Making sure that your equipment and processes being used are producing products that meet required industry specifications.

Along with the GL Technologies metrology capabilities, we also can provide a robust quality management system for your organization so all products meet the required quality standards. Our team's quality management system is based on the principles of continuous improvement nd we are constantly reviewing and refining processes so that your organization is delivering the highest quality products to your customers and clients.

To speak with the experts about your metrology operational quality needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!



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