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Temperature Incubator Calibration Services

The importance of accurate temperature control in the biopharmaceutical industry can't be overstated. Temperature incubators are an important component in many of these processes. Making sure they are calibrated properly imperative to maintain product quality and meet regulatory requirements. GL Technologies provides laboratory equipment calibrations and certifications to bipharmaceutical organizations both large and small. If you are in need of a trusted team of professionals for your incubator calibrations and other needs, our team is ready to help.

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What is a Temperature Incubator in Biopharmaceutical Research?

A temperature incubator is a piece of laboratory equipment used in laboratory research to maintain a controlled environment for the growth of living organisms or cells. Designed to provide a consistent temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration to create optimized conditions for cell culture, microbial growth, or protein expression. They are an important piece of equipment for many biopharmaceutical research programs including drug discovery, vaccine development, and proteing purification. Incubators are available in a variety of sizes including small benchtop models to larger walk-in chambers, and have the ability to be customized to fit your needs.

Why Temperature Incubator Calibration is Important

Because temperature incubrators are used in a variety of biopharmaceutical processes for cell culture, fermentation, and protein expression, these processes require consistent temperature control to maintain product quality and reproducibility. If the temperature isn't accurate, can lead to the growth of unwanted microorganisms which could compromise the final product. Deviations in temperature can impact product yield and have an effect on the manufacturing process.

Regulatory requirements are always on the minds of biopharmaceutical companies, and incubators help meet the regulatory standards set forth by the FDA that requires these organizations to keep accurate and reliable records of their manufacturing processes (including temperature control). When you don't comply with these regulations it may incur costly fines and potential suspension of manufacturing operations.

The team at GL Technologies has a deep understanding of the importance of temperature control. We provide temperature incubator calibration services for clients throughout the biopharmaceutical and medical related industries, helping clients meet regulatory standards and provide precision. Our professional team will evalute the required specifications you require and calibrate your equipment to deliver the required results.

How Does Temperature Incubator Calibration Work?

This process involves the comparison of the temperature and control system of your incubator to a known reference standards. Usually this reference standard is a calibrated thermometer or sensor with a known level of accuracy. The temperature control system of the incubator is then adjusted as needed to bring it into alignment with the known standard.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in performing temperature calibration services, always meeting strict quality standards to provide accuracy and reliability of our results.

To speak with the experts about your incubator calibration needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!



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