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Temperature Liquid in Glass Calibration Services

In biopharmaceutical and medical related research and manufacturing, having accurate temperature measurements is vital to make sure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. Temperature measurement is often done using glass thermometers which are relied on because of their reliability and accuracy. Just like any other measuring instrument, glass thermometers can drift out of calibration over the course of time leading to inaccurate readings. At GL Technologies, our team of experts has decades of experience in equipment calibration services for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. We provide an in-depth analysis of your manufacturing process and make sure the equipment you are using is calibrated properly and providing accurate results.

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What is Temperature Liquid in Glass Calibration?

Temperature Liquid in Glass (LIG) calibration is a process used to verify the accuracy of glass thermometers. It involves immersing the thermometer in a bath of known temperature, and the thermometer's reading is compared to the "known" temperature. Par of the GL Tec calibration process is to make sure the thermometer is reading the correct temperature.

Why is Calibration Important in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing?

In the biopharmaceutical and medical related manufacturing process, accurate temperature measurements help maintain the stability of drug formulations during manufacturing, storage and distribution. Inaccurate temperature measurements acn lead to a batch failure which results in potential financial losses and regulatory non-compliance. This is why organizations both large and small rely on GL Technologies to make sure the equipment meets industry compliance and equipment is providing accurate readings.

GL-Tec Liquid in Bath Calibration Process

As mentioned, temperature liquid in glass calibration is done by using a calibration bath that has a "known" temperature, the thermometer being calibrated is inserted into the bath and the reading is recorded. The recorded reading is simply compared to the known temperature of the calibration bath. The accuracy of the thermometer is determined by calculating the difference between the recorded reading and the known temperature of the calibration bath.

The trained professionals at GL Technologies has extensive experience in equipment calibrations for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and follow standard operating procedures (SOPs). The frequency of the calibration depends on the instrument's criticality and usage. Glass thermometers used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing should be calibrated at least once a year, and more frequently depending on the use and the manufacturer's guidelines.

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