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Total Organic Compound Analyzer (TOC) Calibration

Total organic compound analyzer calibration plays an important role in the process of providing safe and quality products, while meeting industry regulations and guidelines. TOC allows biopharmaceutical manufacturer's to maintain accurate measurements of organic impurities in their products. With a qualified team of professionals, GL Technologies works with biopharmaceutical clients throughout California with all their equipment calibration and certification needs. As an ISO 17025 certified company, we can help your organization remain compliant and the equipment accurate.

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What is TOC?

In the pharmaceutical industry, TOC is used as an analytical technique to measure the total organic carbon content in samples. It provides valuable information about the amount of organic impurities such as residual solvents, cleaning, agents, or any other potential contaminants. When an organization measures the carbon content, TOC analysis helps to maintain compliance and gauranteer the purity of their biopharmaceutical products.

Importance of Calibration

With proper calibration of the TOC analyzer, the calibration process makes sure that the system is accurately measuring the organic carbon content in a sample. A trained team will compare the instrument's readings to known standards to establish a relationship between the measured values and the actual carbon concentration.

Calibration Procedures

Standard Preparation

Preparation involves selecting and handling of reference standards that will serve as the basis for calibrating other instruments. The standard preparation starts with the identification of suitable reference standards, which must possess known and traceable values. Prior to calibration, the reference standards will undergo a series of checks and adjustments to see the alignment with established measurement values.

Calibration Curve

The calibration curve establishes a relationship between the measured values and the reference values. It involves obtaining a set of reference standards with known values, and measuring them using the instrument that is being calibrated, and plotting the resulting data points on a graph. The curve is then generated by fitting a mathematical model to the data. The curve will serve as a reference for future measurements, providing accurate determinations of unknown values on the instrument's response.


Verification involves confirming the performance of an instrument against a reference standard. It involves comparing the instrument's readings with known values, performing tests at different measurement points, and evaluating the overall precision of the instrument. By implementing thorough verification procedures, organizations can establish reliability in their instruments, identify any errors, and take corrective action quickly.

Benefits of Proper TOC Calibration

Regulatory Compliance

Accurate TOC analyzer calibration makes sure that the instruments being used consistently meet regulatory requirement. With regular calibration, pharmaceuticals can demonstrate compliance with industry standards like cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), and environmental guideliness which works to avoid legal penalties, fines, or product recalls.

Product Quality

Again, with proper TOC calibration, manufacturer's will maintain consistent and exact measurements of organic carbon content in the products. The calibration process provides early detection of any contaminants, allowing for prompt corrective actions to be taken to prevent product quality problems. Accurate analysis helps to identify impurities, very compliance with regulatory standards.

Improved Processes

As with all equipment, calibration gives organizations deep insights of their constraints and operation bottlenecks, The enhanced visibility allows for streamlined operations, reduce waste, and increases overall productivity. TOC calibration also allow for better decision making by providing reliable data, which leads to improved planning resource allocation.

GL Technologies Calibration and Certification

GL Technologies is comprised of a team of professionals with deep knowledge in the biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing industry. We work with clients throughout California for all their equipment calibration and certification requirements to keep equipment perfoming to manufacturer's standards and keep our clients compliant with federal regulations.

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