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Floor Scales Equipment Calibration Services

GL Technologies works with biopharmaceutical and medical related organizations throughout California for their equipment calibration and certification needs, one of these types of equipment is the floor scale.  Floor scales are used for accurate measurements of materials and products and play an important role in product quality and consistency, which is why these organizations rely on the GL-Tec team.

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the unique requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry and are trained to keep your equipment accurate in all measurements.

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Floor Scales Ensure Accuracy

GL Technology understans how important it is to maintain accuracy and precise measurements in biopharmaceutical research and testing.  An inaccurate measurement can result in products that don't meet regulatory requirements and fail industry standards.  We work hard to provide our clients with equipment calibration and certification services to avoid costly product recalls, legal issues, and potental damage to their brand.

Our floor scale calibration process involves comparing the readings of a scale to a known standard and making adjustments as needed until the scale is accurate.  Downtime can be damaging to a company in the biopharmaceutical industry which is why we work quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact of calibration on your product schedule.  GL Tec offers flexible scheduling for your calibtation needs. 

Floor Scale Calibration Benefits

Accurate Measurements:  Floor scale equipment calibrations make sure that your measurements are accurate and reliable, ultimately providing the trust that the quality and safety of the products being manufactured.  Even a small error in measurement can lead to significant deviations in the final product.

Compliance with Industry Standards:  As you are well aware, the biopharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and maintaining compliance with these regulations is vital for maintaining quality and safety standards.  Calibration of your floor scales is an important step in remaining fully compliant.  

Cost Savings:  When your floor scales and other equipment is calibrated and maintained regularly, this will address any potential issues before the problem grows.  In turn it will prevent downtime, reduce the risk of recalls, and save money from expensive repairs.

The Experts at GL Technologies

GL Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality calibrations in the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our team works hard for our clients to make sure the calibration services we provide exceeds industry standards and maintains regulatory requirements.  With a commitment to quality, key stakeholders will have peace of mind that the floor scales and other research equipment is measuring the products and materials accurately.

To speak with the experts about your floor scales calibration needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!




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