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Fume Hood Calibration Services

Fume hoods are one of the most vital pieces to maintain an effective operation and periodic testing and fume hood calibrations are important to health and safety research.  

fume hood calibration

The team at GL Technologies has established a reputation in the industry that we are proud of.  We are known for providing expertise and quality in focusing our efforts in the integrity and calibration of fume hoods for laboratories. We are a team of U.S. trained and certifiedto complete fume hood calibration performance testing in a way that exceeds the ANS/ASHRAE 110 standards.  

NEBB Certification in Fume Hood Testing offers laboratories, medical and pharmaceutical companies tangible proof of an organization's technical knowledge and competency to test fume hoods for safety and effectiveness.  GL Technologies has this ability in a truly comprehensive manner.  

In order to meet the requirements to receive the NEBB certification for fume hood testing are a very rigorous process to receive in the industry.  Contact GL Technologies to take advantage of this expertise!

What is Fume Hood Calibration?

Fume hoods play a vital role in properly evacuating materials that might lead to air quality issues and related health effects.  To operate a well-balanced face velocity flow it is imperative to ensure adequate chemical removal processes while not over-ventilating at the cost of reconditioning of exhausted air.  OSHA recommends utilizing a fume ood or alternate ventilation device (system) when working with volatile substances with a a TLV <50ppm1.  GL-Tec is a fume hood certification provider for laboratories and research organizations.

How Often Should Fume Hoods be Tested?

GL Technologies can implement a performance test to reassure you that the hoods perform as they are required and every 18 months.  It typically involves an evaluation of the face velocity, sound, containment and tracking ability of a VAV (if applicable).       

About GL Technologies

GL Technologies can fully setup a compliant program including method development, Identification of items to calibrate in a facility or on a system, tolerance assignment, calibration cycle determination, and SOP design. Our management has personally been audited by and developed programs that have been audited by the FDA, FDB, European, and Asian Regulatory Authorities. We specialize in the placement of personnel on sites and are often used to vet potential new hires for Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. GL Technologies has placed over 180 individuals at sites in California and abroad. There are no fees or penalties for the full time hiring of these individuals. Most of the current CA Biopharmaceutical programs are now managed and staffed by former GL team members.


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