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Laboratory Equipment Calibration Services

equipment calibration servicesCalibrations are performed to determine, check or rectify the graduation of any instrument giving a quantitative measurement. Performing calibration on a routine basis will help maintain instrument accuracy, producing results within the specified value and reducing the potential for errors– which also reduces manufacturing costs. Calibration on instruments provides documented verification that the instrument complies with the design specifications and user’s requirements, supporting the reliability of the instrument.

How Often Should Lab Equipment Be Calibrated?

Calibration requirements vary by type of equipment, application and usage, among other factors. In general, OEM documentation can provide a baseline recommendation for calibration, which may be anywhere from yearly to monthly. In addition, be sure to calibrate lab tools prior to any critical processes, any time data is in question and after any abnormal incident with an apparatus (such as accidents or mishandling).

What Equipment Should Be Calibrated?

All equipment that performs a measuring function should be calibrated in order to remain accurate, extend equipment life, improve safety, and maintain compliance and certification. Tools that should be calibrated include:

Cold storage units
Torque wrenches
Clamp meters
Insulation testers
Electrical data loggers
Test gauges
Thermal cameras
And more …

Why Use GL Technologies Calibration Services?

GL Technologies calibration laboratory has worked to ensure every piece of equipment we use to test and certify cleanrooms and controlled environments is calibrated to NIST traceable standards. We specialize in the calibration of lab equipment, so you can rest assured our results are reliable, reproducible and precise. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our services devoted to the calibration of laboratory equipment conform to ANSI Z-540 & ISO 17025, and are performed in accordance with manufacturers'. Most service can be completed on-site, and all laboratory equipment calibration services are traceable to NIST standards and GxP compliant.

From calipers to pin gauges, Technical Safety Services provides NIST traceable calibration of lab equipment for all your critical equipment. Our one-source testing, certification and calibration service saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Laboratory calibration services from GL Technologies – just another way Technical Safety Services works to provide you with total support of your facility and mission critical equipment.

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