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Los Angeles HPLC Agilent Calibration Provider

As Los Angeles expert provider of Agilent HPLC calibration and certification services, GL Technologies creates a customized performance protocl specifically for your instrument/s. Our team provides testing with NIST traceable test equipment to ensure scientific accuracy. Once our testing is complete, we will outline the performance characteristics of the instruments that were calibrated.& This will in turn provide important information about the instrument operation and meet compliance requirements with the outside regulatory agencies, and in-house QA programs.

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Los Angeles Agilent HPLC Calibration Consultants

The testing programs GL Technologies implements will stand up against any external (or internal) regulatory scrutiny.

With the most experienced Los Angeles HPLC consultants in the industry, we've performed 100s of HPLC calibration performance tests for organizations of all sizes in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and bio-pharmaceutical industries. Your HPLC equipment will be thoroughly tested and calibrated and we can gladly supply references upon request.

Affordable HPLC Calibration

GL Technologies provides competitive prices that are often 30% lower than what the OEM services department charges, with NO reduction in quality. You simply provide us the instrument (either on-site or delivered), and we take it from there. All the performance specifications for your HPLC instrument will be tested and formatted for ISO 17025 certification.

We don't just do Los Angeles HPLC calibration and performance testing, we also will provide your lab with a complete Preventative Maintenance program and HPLC instrument repairs. Those 2 together, we will ensure that the instruments in your laboratory are within specifications and maintained at the optimum state of reliability.

Which Los Angeles HPLC Components Need Calibration?

Mobile phase – acts as a carrier stream for the sample
Injector – injects fixed volume of sample into the mobile phase stream
Pump – delivers mobile phase at constant flow rate
Column– separates the sample components
Column oven – maintains constant column temperature
Detector – detects individual eluting sample components

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