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HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) is a technique used in biotech and pharmaceutical laboratories and research facilities throughout the Los Angeles region. The HPLC process uses a stainless steel column along with a liquid phase to separate components out of a mixture. The HPLC process has grown tremendously over the past few years to iincrease lab productivity. If your organization or facility is in need for HPLC repair or HPLC maintenance services, GL Technologies has the trained experience HPLC repairs and maintenance programs to keep your research moving along efficiently.

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Los Angeles Preventative HPLC Maintenance

Unfortunately, it having an HPLC equipment maintenance program in place is often overlooked until its too late. With the busy schedules in laboratories and employees heavy work loads, an HPLC maintenance program can fall out of mind fairly easily. But when the facility or laboratory has a preventative maintenance plan in place, this can greatly improve lab efficiency.

Having the right HPLC maintenance plan in place will minimize unplanned downtime for repairs that can arise at the most unexpected times. HPLC maintenance plans also increase the lifetime of the components while providing consistent performance. The experts at GL Technologies specializes in providing Los Angeles HPLC maintenance and repair. When all of this is created together, a cost-effective strategy will come to life through the protection of data quality and increased lab productivity.

Routine Los Angeles Laboratory HPLC Maintenance

Routine HPLC maintenance programs help to establish specific cleaning, inspection and replacement schedules for the serviceable parts in your equipment. GL Technologies will recommend protocols that may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Also keep in mind the types of methods and samples you are performing, if you are implementing high-throughout testing of dirty samples then more frequent service is recommended. The experts at GL Technologies focus on an HPLC maintenance routine to provide guidance in developing a targeted program that will be effective for your laboratory.

The HPLC maintenance include:

Mobile Phases
Columns / Guards

Getting Smaller Can Be a Good Thing

Going nano- can be a good thing for high performance liquid chromatography. Nano-HPLC deliver lab changing benefits to scientists, with the key being all-around scale. Traditional HPLC flow rates go as low as a few hundred micrometers / minute, that metric drops to nano-liter range in nano-HPLC.

What nano-HPLC offers is the opportunity for scientists to who are aiming for lots of information can now obtain that information from a limited amount of samples, nano-HPLC makes this possible.

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