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In the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, the quality of products and services is of utmost importance. Any error or deviation can have serious consequences, ranging from compromised patient safety to loss of revenue. To ensure operational quality, organizations throughout Los Angeles rely on the team at GL Technologies for a variety of methods and tools, one of which is metrology. Our team has deep experience in providing metrology OQ, IQ, and PQ services to ensure data accuracy and meet regulatory standards.

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GL Tec - Metrology - and Biotech Industries

The team at GL Technologies understands the importance of operational quality (OQ) in the biotech, pharma, and medical related industries. Our team will make sure that your your products and services meet the highest industry standadrs by utilizing metrology in a variety of ways:

Calibration of Equipment: We regularly calibrate equipment to ensure that measurements are accurate and reliable. This can include everything from pipettes and balances to spectrophotometers and chromatography systems. When we calibrate your organizations equipment, our team will make sure the measurements are traceable and consistent which is vital for the reproducibility of experiments and the reliability of data.

Environmental Monitoring: GL Tec uses metrology to monitor the environment in which your products are manufactured and store, including temperature control, humidity, cleanroom analysis and varying controlled environments. When the environmental conditions are within a specified range, this minimizes risk of contamination & provides safety and efficacy of your products and research.

Process Validation: Our experts use metrology to validate your manufacturing processes and meet the required specifications. Our team monitors paramaters during the the manufacturing process such as viscosity, conductivity, and pH. When the processes are controlled this minimizes the risk of product failrues and maintains consistent product quality.

Analytical Method Validation: Metrology is used to validate the analytical methods being used are accurate. Including verifying methods able to detect and quantify the intended analytics which will then produce consistent results. By validating your methods, GL can ensure the reliability and accuracy of your data.

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