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Los Angeles Temperature Calibration Services

GL-Technologies is an ISO 17025 certified equipent calibration team of experts providing temperature calibration services for the Los Angeles biopharmaceutical and medical laboratories in need of a qualified and trusted partner. As any laboratory technician understands, providing accurate temperature calibrations is vital for laboratory equipment efficiency and safety. Our team will work with you and your employess so that your laboratory equipment meets and passes all audits, giving the organization reassurance that quipment is running at its intended parameters. GL Technologies has over 4 decades experience working with biopharmaceutical organizations throughout Los Angeles with their equipment calibration needs, including temperature calibration and certification.

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Precise Temperature Calibration Experts

Prolonging equipment life means keeping it maintained and calibrated on a regular basis, GL Technologies works with our clients throughout Los Angeles in their laboratories and facilities to provide temperature calibration services and make sure the equipment life lasts for years. We will routinely inspect, evaluate, calibrate, and repair any issues you may have with your equipment.

Temperature systems (including thermometers), require regular calibration to meet cGMP compliance and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) which includes packaging, storing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. As an ISO 17025 certified company, GL Technologies will be your partner for all your equipment needs.

Benefits of Calibration for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Product Quality and Safety

When calibrating temperature control equipment such as refrigerators, incubators, and freezers, biopharmaceutical and medical related manufacturers will be able to verify that the temperatures required are accurate. Most pharmaceutical products are sensitive biological materials, and temperature ocntrol prevents microbial contamination so the drugs or vaccines meet the highest industry standards for patients and safety.

Industry Compliance

With industry authoritites like the FDA for example, strict regulations are put on biopharmaceutical companies to maintain product standards and good manufacturing processes (cGMP). These agencies require calibration of temperature controlled euqipment to meet these regulatory standards, and provide documented evidence that equipment is operating per manufacturer's specifications. By demonstrating compliance, GL Technologies will keep your company in accordance with tehse standards for audits and inspections.

Process Improvements

The processes in biopharmaceutical industries require exact temperature control for the best product yield, purity, and reproducibility. With calibration of temperature controlled equipment, your organization will be able to minimize any temperature deviations and improve process control. In turn, will lead to consistent outcomes and reduced production costs. GL Technologies will be able to identify and fix any equipment malfunctions early, preventing downtime and/or product loss.

Our Team Works with the Following Devices

Temperature simulator
Temperature heat source
Temperature indicator
Temperature calibration system
Thermometer calibrator
Thermocouple furnace
Dry block calibrator
Dry well calibrator

Importance of Temperature Calibration in Biopharma

In the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries, temperature control is not just a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of life. Many biologic dugs and vaccines are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, even slight deviations from the recommended storage or transport temperature can make these products ineffective or even harmful. This is why it’s vital to maintain precise temperature conditions throughout the entire supply chain.

Product Integrity

Temperature variations can compromise the stability of sensitive biopharmaceuticals, potentially rendering them ineffective or even harmful to patients. Proper calibration not only protects product quality but also adheres to regulatory compliance, providing the necessary data and documentation to demonstrate that products have been handled and stored within specified temperature ranges. The calibration of temperature-sensitive equipment and processes is indispensable for safety and efficacy of these products, upholding the industry’s commitment to patient well-being.

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous temperature calibration protocols are essential to guarantee that storage, transportation, and processing conditions meet regulatory requirements, such as those set by the FDA or other relevant authorities. By upholding strict temperature calibration standards, the biopharmaceutical industry can confidently provide high-quality, safe, and effective products while adhering to the stringent regulatory framework governing its operations.

Patient Safety

Calibration of temperature monitoring equipment and storage facilities guarantees that these valuable products remain within their specified temperature ranges, safeguarding their integrity and potency. Any deviation from these critical parameters can compromise the efficacy of medications, vaccines, and other biopharmaceuticals, potentially putting patients at risk. By adhering to rigorous temperature calibration protocols, the biopharma sector upholds its commitment to patient safety, ensuring that life-saving treatments reach those in need in optimal condition.

About GL Technologies

As a full-service company specializing in equipment calibration, repair, and certification services for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Our team has extensive experience working with sPRT calibrations along with CMMS softwareHPLC OQ validation, and fume hood certifications. Companies of all sizes rely on our team to implement, maintain, and keep their research and manufacturing processes compliant with regulatory standards. Other specialties include building maintenance systems, and mass spectrometry calibrations.

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