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Rees Scientific Equipment Calibration

If your biopharmaceutical company needs a trusted equipment calibration provider for Rees Scientific equipment, GL-Technologies has become the premier team of consultants that have the ability to work with your organization for equipment calibrations of all types to verify that your organization is meeting industry standards. As an ISO 17025 accreditated equipment calibration and testing provider, we can help with your internal laboratory equipment calibrations including ovens, freezers, refrigerators and more! All laboratory equipment requires routine calibration for accurate and reliable operation, our team is trained and ready to help.

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Rees Equipment We Calibrate

Freezers and Ultra-low freezers
Environmental Chambers
Temperature Controllers
Heating Mantels
Water Baths
Temperature Monitoring

Significance of Equipment Calibration

Precision instruments utilized in BioPharma, such as temperature monitoring systems, environmental sensors, and data loggers, play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal conditions for experiments, manufacturing, and storage. Over time, these devices may experience deviations, affecting their accuracy and potentially compromising the integrity of valuable products.

Calibration is the systematic process of adjusting and verifying the accuracy of equipment by comparing its performance against a standard. It involves adjustments to ensure measurements align with accepted values, thus ensuring reliable and consistent results. For BioPharma, where even slight deviations can have significant implications, calibration is non-negotiable.

The Impact on BioPharma Operations

Investing in precise calibration services from reputable entities like Rees Scientific yields multifaceted benefits for BioPharma operations:

Increased Product Quality

In the intricate world of biopharma and pharmaceuticals, the precision and reliability of instruments used in the production, testing, and analysis of pharmaceuticals directly correlates with the integrity of the final product. Properly calibrated equipment not only upholds regulatory compliance but also plays a role in guaranteeing consistency and safety throughout the manufacturing process. From spectrophotometers to chromatographs, each calibrated device functions as an important part in maintaining the strict standards required for pharmaceutical potency and safety. By maintaining calibration protocols, an organization shows their commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality medications to patients worldwide, creating trust and strengthening their reputation throughout the industry.

Regulatory Adherence

The calibration of instrumentation and machinery within biopharma facilities maintains the accuracy and precision for the production and analysis of pharmaceuticals. Regulatory bodies have strict standards mandating regular calibration protocols, aligning with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other industry guidelines. Compliance with these regulations not only guarantees the quality and safety of produced medicines but also mitigates risks associated with faulty equipment, thereby safeguarding public health. A failure in adhering to calibration standards can lead to severe repercussions, including regulatory penalties, compromised product quality, and reputational damage, emphasizing the pivotal role of robust calibration practices in sustaining BioPharma operations within the bounds of regulatory compliance.

Cost Savings

Precise calibration not only enhances the efficacy and reliability of processes but also diminishes the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies in measurements, ultimately reducing the risk of product defects or batch failures. This proactive approach significantly curtails the expenses associated with reworks, potential recalls, and production downtime, bolstering operational efficiency while safeguarding against financial setbacks caused by regulatory fines or reputational damage.

About GL Technologies

As a full-service company specializing in equipment calibration, repair, and certification services for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Our team has extensive experience working with sPRT calibrations along with CMMS softwareHPLC OQ validation, and fume hood certifications. Companies of all sizes rely on our team to implement, maintain, and keep their research and manufacturing processes compliant with regulatory standards. Other specialties include building maintenance systems, and mass spectrometry calibrations

To speak with the experts about your Rees equipment calibration needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!


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