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San Diego Fume Hood Certification

Research facilities and laboratories throughout San Diego understand that fume hoods play a vital role in maintaining a safe and effective operation.  Fume hood certification and fume hood calibrations play an extremely important role in research.  The team at GL Technologies provides fume hood certifications and calibration services for companies throughout the San Diego and have become a trusted provider for fume hood certifications.  Chemical fume hoods should be tested and certified on an annual basis, complete ASHRAE 110 testing is recommend by GL-Tec to be performed on new fume hoods and when changes are made to existing fume hoods.  

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Fume Hoods - BioSafety Cabinets

When the experts at GL-Tec provide fume hood certification testing, the testing consists of an inflow velocity profile test & smoke containment & visualization tests.  We recommend these tests are done annually as part of the overall chemical safety management program for the laboratory or research facility.

Fume Hood Testing and Certification is Performed in Accordance with NSF 49, which includes:

Inflow velocity testing
Downflow velocity testing
HEPA filter integrity testing
Smoke pattern testing
Site installation testing

Best San Diego Fume Hood Testing Provider

Here are a few of the tests our team will perform for San Diego fume hood certification

Airflow Velocity Testing

This testing procedure measure the speed at the point air enters a fume hood's face opening.  General recommendation is the hood's face velocity be between 0.3 m/s (60 fpm) and 0.5 m/s (100 fpm).

Variable Air Volume Speed & Response

The speed of response testing will measure the speed at which the fume hood can turn on to remove contaminants.  The airflow rate needs to be established within 3s after the sash is opened. and the safety function temporarily defeated.

Smoke Visualization Test

This test introduces a visible smoke to the fume hood to determine if visible vapor is escaping the hood.  Allows trained technicians and operators to identify any eddies or reversals in the air flow inside the hood.

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Types of Fume Hoods for Certifications & Calibrations

Bypass Fume Hoods

Bypass fume hoods are designed for the amount of air being supplied in to a room is adequate to provide the exhaust volume of the fume hood.  Upper bypass works by automatically raising and lowering the sash window while the lower bypass provides continuous air sweeps.  

Add Air Fume Hoods

These are used as an alternative to bypass fume hoods.  WHen there is not enough air supply available for air filtration.  Outside air is added through the pleneum and provide up to 70% of the hood exhaust requirements, while minimizing conditioned room air required.

Variable Air Volume Fume Hood

These fume hoods are designed for use with an adjustable damper system in the ductwork.  Primarily used when air consumption and energy costs are a concern.  Variable air volume fume hoods put staff in control of exactly how much air is consumed and contain a lintel that restricts aire intake of the hood to the sash opening and lower bypass.

As experts in fume hood certification and calibration, GL-Tec has become one of California's premier fume hood certification providers proudly serving clients throughout California.

To speak with the experts about your fume hood certification needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!