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High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a widely used technique in biopharmaceutical and life science industries for separating, identifying, and quantifying complex mixtures of compounds. The accuracy and reliability of HPLC analysis depend on the proper PM, OQ, or Repair of the equipment. HPLC services are important for these organizations so the results obtained from HPLC are accurate and meet the regulatory requirements. Our Analytical Director has over 4 decades experience in HPLC, Mass Spec, and Sartorious certification services, He also holds Train the Trainer certification for various Makes and Models. GL Technologies works with a variety of biopharma organizations throughout San Diego for their equipment calibration and certification needs.

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HPLC Calibration Experts When You Need Us


HPLC and Mass Spec, Dissolution, and Sartorious PMs, OQ, or Repair services involve a series of procedures to validate and verify the performance of the equipment. GL will verifies that the instrument is functioning properly and providing accurate results by providing more data than OEM Service. We have worked hard to earn the trust of Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical,, Life Science, and Medical Device companies throughout California. As GL Management comes from these companies our goal is to maintain the equipment being used in their laboratories so they are producing reliable results. Our services include Roving Crews, Personnel Placement, annd Annual Service Contracts for new, used, or relocated equipment.

HPLC Calibration Benefits

Accuracy of Results

When HPLC systems are properly calibrated, accurate results will be obtained from subsequent sample analysis and can be improved. Calibration will verify that your instrument/s are operating with the needed parameters and the response gathered is directly proportional to the concentration of the target analyte. For environmental monitoring and pharmaceutical analysis, a properly calibrated HPLC system will provide further confidence in the obtained results, giving scientists and analysts the ability to make informed decisions.


The precision a properly calibrated HPLC system provides is consistent and reproducible measurements, allowing researchers and lab workers to compare and interpret data over time. Exact calibration will minimize variability and error, increasing overall quality of the HPLC analysis.


With the proper calibration of HPLC systems, various parameters like retention time, peak width, and peak area can be exactly determined and adjusted. This increases the overall efficiency of the HPLC system by increasing its performance and reducing method development time.Scientists and researchers will be able to achieve faster separations and higher resolutinos, leading to increased productivity. This translates into faster analysis, allowing researchers to get reliable data quicker.

Maintain Analytical Data

Calibration is also essential for maintaining the integrity of the analytical data, which is important for research, development, and quality control. Any deviation from the standard operating procedures or incorrect calibration can lead to inaccurate and unreliable results, which can have serious consequences in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We have also become the experts helping San Diego companies with IQ OQ PQ validation processes for their company.

To speak with the experts about your HPLC equipment calibration needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!



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