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San Diego Metrology Operational Quality (OQ)

Providing operational quality in the biopharmaceutical industry is important to maintain safety of the products and meet compliance standards. An important aspect of this is metrology, which involves the precise measuremetn and calibration of instruments that are used in the various stages of biopharma manufacturing. GL-Tec has become one of the leading companies throughout San Diego for providing top of the line metrology solutions that are tailored specifically to biopharmaceutical industries. With a professional team of trained technicians, we can help you with all your metrology equipment needs for your organization.

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What is Metrology Operational Quality (OQ)?

Biopharmaceuticals are complex and sensitive in general, require exact measurements and analysis at every stage of their development, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Metrology provides the techniques for accurate measurements, calibrations, and validations of critical parameters such as pharmaceutical purity and stability. When an organization adheres to these metrological standards, they can establish reliable quality control systems to guarantee safety of their products.

GL Technologies and Metrology Operational Quality


Tailored Metrology Solutions

Our team understands the unique challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical industry as a whole, and we tailor your metrology solutions to address the needs of your organization. With a trained team of professionals with wide-spread industry knowledge, we always deliver a customized solution for your company that sticks to the highest OQ standards. We can help your biopharmaceutical company to improve instrument performance, minimize uncertainties, and keep your process complant with regulatory requirements.

OQ Documentation and Compliance Support

GL Technologies offers a comprehensive documentation support program to help organizations to meet and exceed regulatory guidelines. We provide detailed OQ protocols, calibration certificates, and validation reports that will demonstrate compliance with known standards like ISO 17025 and cGMP. Our approach has earned us the trust from our clients in the biopharmaceutical industry to maintain the highest levels of quality in their metrology processes.

Continuous Improvement and Expertise

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with your organization, we remain committed to understanding emerging technologies used in the biopharmaceutical industry including best practices and regulatory updates. We offer ongoing technical support, training programs, and revalidation services as needed. We keep our clients ahead of the competition and keep them compliant with all regulatory organizations.

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