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San Francisco Agilent HPLC Calibration Services

GL Technologies has become the premier provider for San Francisco pharmaceutical, biomedical and research laboratories for Agilent HPLC equipment calibration and certifications. Our team of experts has over 4 decades of experience in providing equipment calibrations for laboratories to ensure research efficiency and accuracy. We understand the pressure to produce accurate results is immense in the laboratory setting, if there are delays they can be costly. No matter if you are waiting for HPLC equipment repair or tools, GL Technologies can help. We provide a new level of support through our preventative maintenance plans to deliver quality results, consistently.

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HPLC Modules that Require Regular Verification


The pump is a precisely designed component made of up several parts to deliver consistent flow rates. But, with regular usage and tear results in flow rate deviations its important that you have quick replacement of worn out parts to improve teh precision flow delivery. Regular calibration is still necessary. GL-Tecs pump calibration will establish flow rate accuracy and gradient composition accuracy.

Sample Injectors

A manual injection requires filling a fixed volume loop with the sample. In order to work properly the loop needs to be flushed continuously with the mobile phase so that th earlier sample traces are eliminated. Auto injectors are created to deliver precise volumes each time with sufficient wash cycles to ensure clean injections. When our team of experts does an injector calibration, it will provide confirmation of injector accuracy and linearity.

Column oven

Retention times of compounds depend on mobile phase viscosity which is temperature dependent. The column needs to be maintained within specific temperature limits to get consistency. It is important to calibrate the temperature reproducibility of the column.


Detectors give absorbance signals that are dependent on wavelength of absorption of sample components. These signals can drop due to residual impurities and lamp life. The detector requires calibration regularly using compounds that are injected in to the mobile phase stream. The 2 main parameters that need calibration are linearity of response and wavelength accuracy.

HPLC is a very popular technique and several various makes are available. Laboratories have to adopt manufacturer prescribed calibration procedures at recommended intervals to obtain the desired accuracy and precise results.

GL-Tec measures every specification, every option, every time.

One-Stop San Francisco HPLC Calibration Provider

GL-Tech is a one-stop shop for all Agilent HPLC calibration services and certifications. Our calibration services are the convenient solution sto ensure on-going accuracy and availability of all the testing assets. Our team will work with your laboratory crew to create a customized solution that will include elecronic instruments as well as dimensional, physical, optical, and mechanical equipment!

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