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San Francisco Biosafety Cabinet Certification

For San Francisco biopharmaceutical and medical research companies looking for a reliable partner for their biosafety cabinet certification and overall equipment calibration needs, GL Technologies has over 40 years experience partnering with organization not only for their equipment needs, but keeping them comliant and the employees safe.  We can help you implement procedures for certification for the requirements set forth for Class II biosafety cabinets in the United States are established by NSF International and published in NSF/ANSI Standard 49. NSF 49 includes definitions of the types and function, acceptable materials, design and construction requirements, and performance requirements for Class II biological safety cabinets.  The biosafety cabinet specialists at GL-Technologies works with closely with organizations throughout Los Angeles for their biosafety cabinet certification and maintenance programs.  

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Biosafety cabinet certification is vital to provide verification that the cabinet continues to provide the personnel, environment, and product protection that the equipment is designed to do.  GL-Tec provides ALL certification services directly on-site at your facility or laboratory to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI 49-2004a Annex F precisely to the manufacturers specifications.  

los angeles biosafety cabinet certification

San Francisco Biosafety Cabinet Testing Includes

Inflow Velocity

Inflow velocity measures the air entering the cabinet and is conducted to check the cabinet's ability to create a protective airflow that will prevent hazardous vapors and substances from escaping in to the work area.  GL Technologies will use specialized instruments such as an "anemometer" to measure the inflow velocity at different locations within the cabinet.  This will test that the air is being drawn in to the cabinet properly to maintain a safe working environment for researchers and minimizing the risks for all lab workers.  

Downflow Velocity

Downflow velocity is the speed at which air is directed downward from the cabinet's HEPA filters to create a controlled airflow area.  Our team will measure the downflow velocity to determine the cabinet's ability to provide a sterile work environment to protect both researchers and the samples being tested.  Our goal will be to verify the biosafety cabinet is working as needed and if we find any issues they will be identified and fixed so it works as required.  

Non-Viable Airborne Particle Concentration

Non-viable particles are particles that don't contain living organisms, such as dust.  We will measure the concentration of these types of particles to determine how the cabinet's air filtration system is working and its ability to keep a clean environment.  This testing will make sure the biosafety cabinet meets the manufacturers' specs and general regulatory standards to stop non-viable particles.  

San Francisco Biosafety Cabinet Specialists

The team at GL-Technologies has over 4 decades of experiences in providing biosafety cabinet certifications, maintenance, and repairs.  Organizations both large and small rely on our team of professionsl who are certified and trained, and bring the experience necessary to get the biosafety cabinet certifications and maintenance required.  

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