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SCADA System Calibration

SCADA, Supervistory Control and Data Acquisition systems play an important role in monitoring and controlling various manufacturing processes for biopharmaceuticals in the manufacturing process and drug production. For properly functioning SCADA systems, regular calibration is required. GL Technologies is a team of professionals that specializes in laboratory and manufacturing equipment calibration and certification for biopharmaceutical clients throughout California.

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What is a SCADA System in Biopharma?

SCADA systems in biopharmaceutical industries are used to monitor, control, and manage various critical processes involved in the production of pharmaceutical products. These systems gather real-time data from sensors and devices located throughout the laboratory and facility, giving workers the ability to remotely moitor and control different stages of the manufacturing process. SCADA also provides essential insights into variable such as temperature pressure, flow rates, and other key parameters to make sure the production environment remains within required conditions. By facilitating smart data acquisition and control, SCADA systems improve process reliability, productivity, and regulatory compliance.

Why Calibration is Crucial

Accuracy and Reliability

SCADA systems rely on various sensors, transmitters, and instruments to collect real-time data from manufacturing equipment and processes. Over the course of time, these components can deviate and become less accurate, leading to measurement errors and unreliable data. Calibration works to make sure the readings provided by SCADA systems are accurate and reliable, allowing for operators to make informed decisions and maintain process control.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

The biopharmaceutical industry as strict regulatory guidelines such as the cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices). Calibration is a requirement for compliance with these regulations. By calibrating SCADA system components, manufacturers can demonstrate traceability of their process measurements, supporing quality assurance and regulatory compliance efforts.

Key Considerations for SCADA System Calibration

Calibration Schedule

Biopharmaceutical companies need to establish a well-defined calibration schedule to maintain the accuracy of SCADA systems. The schedule should consider the importance of process parameters being measured, the stability of the instrument, and compliance. A regular calibration schedule should be based on the manufactuerer's recommendations, should be established strictly adhered to.

Traceability and Documentation

Calibration processes need to following internatinally recognized standards and guidelines as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO_). Calibration records need to include the calibration date, equipment identification, the method used, standards used, and the technician or company who did the calibration. This documentation will provide traceability, allowing auditors and inspectors to verify the accuracy of SCADA system measurements.

Validation and Performance Monitoring

After the calibration is complete, it's important to validate the performance of the calibrated instruments to verify their accuracy against known standards. Performance monitoring should be an ongoing process, and any deviations should trigger correction action quickly. Regular performance the checks and validation tests identify potential issues before they impact process control and product quality.

Why GL-Tec?

The GL Technologies team has the experience and equipment to calibrate all types of display equipment accurately. We understand the importance of accurate measurements in your specific industry, and we're committed to providing you with reliable, traceable calibration services.

Our calibration services are ISO 17025 accredited, and we follow strict quality control procedures. Your equipment is calibrated to the highest standards. We also provide fast turnaround times, so you can get back to work with minimal downtime.

To speak with the experts about your SCADA system calibration needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call!



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