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BioSafety Cabinet Certification

When it comes to understanding biosafety cabinet certificates, its vital for an organization to stay compliant with NSF 49 Annex F. The experts at GL Technologies are NSF accredited to perform warranty repairs for all the major equipment manufacturers. Biosafety cabinet certification must be performed in accordations with requirements for federal safety guidelines. GL-Tec has become one of California's trusted providers for biosafety cabinet certification and maintenance services.

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ISO 9001 Certifed Quality Systems

The GL-Tec Standard Biosafety Cabinet Certification Includes:

Air Velocity Testing: Our experts will obtain an acceptable airflow and total CFM volume. This will ensure it meets product specifications by the manufacturers.

Visualization of Airflow Testing - GL-Tec utilizes a smoke pattern to identify airflow through the cabinet to make sure there are no unusual dead spots.

Additional Testing As Required (Or Needed)Various Testing Includes:
Viable Environmental Sampling
Florescent Light Testing
Ultra-Violet Light Testing
Eletrical testing, Temperature & Humidity Testing

GL Technoloes will also troubleshoot any problems to address performance issues. If need, we can arrange for repairs or component replacement.

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Safety, Service, and Expertise Guaranteed

The GL-Tec team of experts has years of experience when it comes to decontaminating specialized equipment whic is vital to research and maintaining Biosafety Cabinet Certification in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49. This ensures product protection and proper environmental personnel. Our team will get to the source of the problem and implement procedures to avoid future contamination in order to protect your research equipment.

We understand biosafety cabinets are essential to research work and preventing contamination is important to protect experiment integrity. Should your organization experience a contamination, the team at GL-Tec is here to help.

California's Trusted Biosafety Cabinet Professionals

GL-Technologies has provided biosafety cabinet certifications and maintenance for pharmaceutial, biopharmaceutical, and general research laboratories throughout California. Simply fill out our online form or give our team a call, we are ready to help you with all your biosafety cabinet needs! We also provide biosafety cabinet testing.

The Importance of Certification

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

One of the primary reasons for certifying biosafety cabinets is to maintain compliance with regulatory standards. Regulatory bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established guidelines and regulations governing the safe use of biological materials in laboratories. Certification validates that biosafety cabinets meet these strict requirements, minimizing the risk of regulatory violations and potential fines.

Protection of Laboratory Personnel

Certification of biosafety cabinets is essential for safeguarding the health and safety of laboratory personnel. Properly functioning cabinets provide an effective barrier against exposure to hazardous agents, including bacteria, viruses, and other biological contaminants. By regularly certifying these cabinets, laboratories can identify and address any issues that may compromise their ability to provide adequate protection, thereby reducing the risk of occupational exposure and associated health hazards.

Preservation of Experimental Integrity

In addition to protecting personnel, certified biosafety cabinets help preserve the integrity of experiments and samples. Contamination resulting from improper cabinet functioning can compromise experimental outcomes, leading to inaccurate data and potentially costly setbacks in research and development efforts. By ensuring that biosafety cabinets are operating correctly through certification, laboratories can maintain the reliability and reproducibility of their scientific findings.

Longevity and Cost Savings

Regular certification of biosafety cabinets can also contribute to their longevity and cost-effectiveness. Identifying and addressing issues early on can prevent more significant problems from arising, prolonging the lifespan of the cabinets and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, by investing in certification, laboratories demonstrate their commitment to safety and quality, which can enhance their reputation and credibility within the scientific community.

Education Corner

The Important Role of Biosafety Cabinet Testing in Biopharma

In the biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing industries, safety and precision are of paramount importance. From developing life-saving drugs to handling infectious agents, maintaining a controlled and sterile environment is absolutely crucial. This is where biosafety cabinets (BSCs) play an important role. These specialized containment devices provide a controlled environment for working with biological materials, and their proper functioning is essential for both the safety of laboratory personnel and the integrity of the work being conducted. 

Investing in Safety: The ROI of Biopharma Biosafety Cabinet Certification

In the world of biopharmaceutical research and development, safety is the name of the game. The laboratories and cleanrooms where scientists and researchers work with hazardous materials must meet strict safety standards to protect both the researchers and the research itself. One important aspect in maintaining safety is the biosafety cabinet, a specialized piece of equipment designed to handle dangerous substances. To guarantee its effectiveness, these cabinets require regular certification.  Investing in biosafety cabinet certification can have a significan return on investment for companies in the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries.

What is a Biosafety Cabinet?

Before delving into the importance of certification, let's first understand what a biosafety cabinet is. A biosafety cabinet is a primary containment device used to provide both personnel and environmental protection in laboratories working with hazardous materials such as infectious agents or toxins. These cabinets use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to capture airborne particles and microorganisms, preventing their release into the laboratory environment.

About GL Technologies

As a full-service company specializing in equipment calibration, repair, and certification services for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Our team has extensive experience working with sPRT calibrations along with CMMS software, HPLC OQ validation, and fume hood certifications. Companies of all sizes rely on our team to implement, maintain, and keep their research and manufacturing processes compliant with regulatory standards. Other specialties include building maintenance systems, and mass spectrometry calibrations

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