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San Diego Thermo Scientific HPLC Calibration: Achieving Accurate Results

San Diego biopharmaceuticals and medical equipment organizations of all sizes that rely on Thermo Scientific equipment rely on GL-Tec for equipment calibration and certification services. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a widely used analytical technique for the separation, identification, and quantification of chemical compounds in various industries. However, to obtain reliable results, it is crucial to ensure that the HPLC system is properly calibrated. Thermo Scientific is a trusted brand in the HPLC industry and offers a range of calibration services to ensure accurate and precise results. GL-Tec understands the importance of HPLC calibration and how Thermo Scientific calibrations can help you achieve accurate results.

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Thermo Scientific HPLC Calibration Testing

Pump Calibration

The pump in the HPLC equipment is an important component that is responsible for delivering the mobile phase at a constant flow rate. With pump calibration, this will involve verifying and adjusting the flow rating setting to match the required values. It involves the measurement of the flow rate using a calibrated flow meter (or a reference standard solution). By verifying that the pump delivers the correct flow rate, HPLC calibration testing will guarantee exact separation and analysis of samples which leads to reliable data and conclusions for scientific research.

Detector Calibration

The calibration of the detector aims to establish the detector's response to different analytes and concentrations, providing exact quantification of the target compounds. This involves the use of reference standards of known concentrations, which are injected in to the chromatography system. The detector's response will be compared to the expected values, adjustments will be made if necessary.

Column Performance Verification

Column performance verification involves the evaluation of the HPLC column's resolution and peak symmetry, which will directly impact the quaility of the results. When GL Technologies conducts column performance verification, we can identify any potential issues or degradtion in column performance and take the appropriate measures. This verification process plays a very important role in upholding the standards of HPLC analysis for reliable research results in a range of laboratory testing and development.

System Suitability Testing

System suitability testing, also referred to as SST, includes checking parameters such as retention time, peak width, tailing factor, and baseline noise. With system suitability testing, GL Technologies technicians can confirm if the Thermo Scientfic HPLC system is operating within acceptable limits and giving exact results for sample analysis. For quality assurance measures, system suitability will play one of the most important roles in the calibration and certification process.

Preventive Maintenance

After the testing and calibrations are done correctly, preventive maintenance involves regular inspection, cleaning, and servicing of the HPLC systems to prevent any future issus. With regular calibration testing and having preventive maintenance measures in place, laboratories will be able to minimize downtime from equipment malfunctions while continuing to produce accurate analytical data.

GL-Technologies Calibration and Certification

Thermo Scientific is a leading provider of analytical instruments, software, services, and consumables for laboratory analysis. GL Technologies offers a range of calibration services for HPLC systems, including on-site calibration, instrument performance verification, and preventive maintenance. GL-Tec's calibration services are performed by trained and certified technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and reference standards. We follow strict procedures and protocols to ensure that the calibration is performed accurately and reliably.

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We also services areas throughout California including Los Angeles Thermo Scientific and San Francisco Thermo Scientific equipment calibration services.


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