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Here at GL-Tec, our team of experts understands that biosafety cabinet certifcations and testing requirements are extremely important for medical and pharmaceutical organizations.  Our company offers compliance certifications for biological safety in compliance with NSF 49 Annex F.

The skilled technicians at GL Technologies are certified to perform warranty repairs for equipment manufacturers in accordance with GL-Tec’s SOPs. We strive to ensure that organizations remain compliant with federal safety guidelines and cGMPs (current good manufacturers. 

GL Technologies Biological Safety Services Include:

dimensional calibration services californiaWe are 100% committed to our clients maintain regulatory compliance for biological certification from safety cabinets, clean rooms, fume hoods, to the various consulting services we specialize in. Our team has become well known amongst the pharma and biological industries for helping maintain compliance.

Biosafety Cabinet Testing

Understanding biosafety cabinet certification requirements is of utmost importance, which is why GL Technologies offers certification in compliance with NSF 49 Annex F.

Our skilled technicians are NSF accredited to perform warranty repairs for all major equipment manufacturers. All biosafety cabinet certification is performed in accordance with established TSS SOPs, which are updated to remain compliant with federal and international safety guidelines, current good manufacturing practices [cGMPs], and our own ISO 9001 CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM.


Fume Hood Calibration

Here at GL Technologies we provided chemical fume hood testing services, maintenance, and certification services. All of our tests are provided in accordance with established SOPs which keeps the facility up to date with state, federal, and in some cases, international safety guidelines. We are a certified ISO 9001 certification provided for chemical fume hood testing and to ensure you remain in compliance with OSHA, AIHA/ANSI, SEFA and NEBB compliance.

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Cleanroom Certification

Cleanrooms play an important role in pharmaceutical and biological laboratories. They are designed to use HEPA filtered air and specific airflow design parameters to reduce contamination. In particular to control airborne particulate concentration and environmental conditions in critical lab areas. Cleanrooms can be under positive or negative pressure and a cleanroom maintenance must be routinely performed to ensure accordance with regulatory and industry standards to verify the facility is performing within operational limits.


Laboratory Calibration

GL Technologies has become one of the TOP companies throughout California to supply laboratory calibration services for the bio and pharmaceutical industries. As a standard, in order for results to be meaningful, they must be objective, consistent, and reproducible. From one lab to the next lab and day after day



Research and production environments require more than just a clean surface, at GL Technologies, our decontamination services will deliver the highest quality clean environment for testing requirements. Our team will effectively neutralize fungal and bacterial contaminants. No matter what the size of the project, your team can rely on GL Technologies to provide a timely and effective neutralization of contaminants in the facility.


Facility Decommissioning

Facilities in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries such as research and manufacturing must continuously be realigning to new strategies and opportunities. Often facilities are in need to restructure and transfer real properties to new leases, and during the course of this move need to help with hazardous materials. GL Technologies can provide a formal laboratory or manufacturing decommissioning process that will help with the legal requirements.


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