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San Diego Mass Spectrometry Calibration Services

San Diego is a thriving biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical research and manufacturing industry that requires mass spectrometry services to support its growth. Mass spectrometry provides the identification and qualification of molecules based on their "mass-to-charge" ratio. Accurate and reliable results are what matters in this industry, which is why the team at GL Technologies works with organizations throughout San Diego to implement, maintain, and repair mass spectrometry instruments to provide reliable results and maintain compliance. Our team of professionals also has extensive experience in mass spectrometry instruments in the biopharma industry and ready to help you with your needs!

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Importance of Mass Spec Calibration

For biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations, mass spectrometry calibration is extremely imporatnt.  As a powerful analytical technique, mass spec is widely used to analyze and characterize products, including proteins, pepties, and other biomolecules.  However, it's important to maintain accurate and reliable results.  Proper calibraton of a mass spectrometer is absolutely critical.  Calibration involves the exact determination of "mass-to-charge" ratios and the establishment of accurate mass scales.  Without calibration, the instrument's measurements may experience inaccuracies which leads to potentially erroneous conclusions in druge development, quality control, and pharmaceutical studies.  By using the team at GL Technologies to calibrate mass spectrometer's regularly and validating their accuracy with standard reference materials, researchers can confidently use this technique to make decisions in the development and evaluation of biopharmaceuticals which contributes to the safety and efficacy of new therapies and products.

In the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry, mass spectromety calibration has a vital role in meeting regulatory requirements to prove product quality.  The FDA and international standards require analytical methods and accurate data to approve and monitor biopharmaceuticals through their lifecycle.  Calibration demonstrates the reliability and consistency of mass spectrometry based assays, allowing for the detection and quantification of impurities, degradation products, and contaminants.  Calibration procedures also establish comparability between the batches of biopharmaceuticals which is important to maintain a consistent product quality.  Adherence to strict calibration protocols creates confidence in the data generated while helping pharmaceutical organization's deliver safe products to partners and patients.  

Mass Spec Services Provided

GL Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

Mass Spectrometer Calibration

The experienced mass spectrometry team at GL Technologies provides calibration services to clients throughout San Diego.  Organization's rely on our experience to maintain and calibrate their mass spectrometry instrument's for precision an daccuracy.  We also make sure our clients our up-to-date on compliance standards for inspections and audits.  No matter if you are a biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, or medical device company, the team at GL Technologies is a trusted partner for equipment calibration, certification, and compliance services.  Our goal is to help your research and analytics to reach new heights.  

Validation and Qualification

As a leading San Diego company in the analytical instrumentation field, GL Technologies provides a wide range of services including method development, instrument performance verification, and system suitability testing.  With team of experts, we make sure that your mass spectrometry systems are validated and qualified to meet industry regulations and quality standards.  With a commitment to precision and accuracy, GL Technologies provides researchers, scientists, industries, and organization's the ability to achieve reliable and reproducible results that is driven by innovation in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries.  

Preventive Maintenance

GL Technologies specializes in mass spectrometry services with an emphasis on preventive maintenance.  Our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality precision and reliability to our clients' analytical instruments to provide the best performance and longevity.  Our team of technicians offers comprehensive maintenance plans that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, allowing laboratories and research facilities to operate at peak effiiciency and stay ahead in their scientific pursuits.

Training and Consultation

We offer comprehensive services in the field of mass spectrometry, giving researchers, scientists, and businesses with cutting-edge expertise and hands-on training.  We proudly boast a team of industyr experts to provide custom solutions to our clients, rom instrument operation to data analysis, utilizing mass spectrometry technology for your specific needs and requirements.  Our goal is to implement, maintain, and repair mass spectrometry systems for our clients while trainining their employees at the same time.


Our team is also well seasoned in repair services for mass spectrometry systems.  As a leading San Diego calibration, certification, and equipment repair provider, we are dedicated to the seamless operation and accuracy of mass spectrometers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications.  We always stick to our commitment to excellence for our clients needs, and will work hard to be your partner for all your mass spectrometry calibration and certification needs.  

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GL Technologies Capabilities

As a full-service company specializing in equipment calibration, repair, and certification services for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Our team has extensive experience working with sPRT calibrations along with CMMS softwareHPLC OQ validation, and fume hood certifications. Companies of all sizes rely on our team to implement, maintain, and keep their research and manufacturing processes compliant with regulatory standards. Other specialties include building maintenance systems, and mass spectrometry calibrations along with Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

We continue to help biopharmaceutical clients throughout San Franciso and Los Angeles areas as well!


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